Passenger Assitant Training

Passenger Assistant Training Scheme

Is designed for anyone who has care or supervision of passengers travelling by road – in cars, taxis, minicabs or large buses.

  • Is relevant to volunteers as well as paid staff
  • Covers legal, practical and safety issues – a comprehensive training package
  • Aims to improve passenger safety by providing the skills and information For passenger assistants to understand and meet the needs of their passengers


Module A: The Role of the Passenger Assistant

This is the ‘foundation’ module because it is a starting point for further training. It covers the role and responsibilities of a passenger assistant, including legal,practical and safety issues


Module B1: Passenger Awareness and Assistance

This module is intended for passenger assistants whose duties involve assisting passengers with disabilities.


Module B2: Assisting Passengers who travel in their Wheelchairs

This module is intended for passenger assistants whose duties include assisting passengers who travel in their wheelchairs.


Module C1: Supervising Children and Young People with Special Needs

This includes supervising children and young people with learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities, sensory restrictions and emotional or behavioural difficulties.


Module C2: Working with Adults Who Require Care and Supervision

This includes adult passengers with learning difficulties, dementia, physical disabilities, sensory restrictions and people in mental or emotional distress.

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